Our office, having stark knowledge of labor legislation, as applicable, is able to provide comprehensive and responsible consultations and solutions for any type of labor issues (Payroll, job subsidy programs, pending issues, problems related to labor inspection, etc).

  • Updates on labor issues related to licenses, collective agreements and flexible employment contracts (part time, rotational)
  • Calculation and monitoring of payroll on top of gross earnings (insurance deductions, employee tax)
  • Compensation calculation
  • Printing of payroll statements, payment receipts, accounting articles for the entry of payroll in the accounting books.
  • Electronic submission of Analytic Periodic Declaration (A.P.D.)
  • Social Security Organization (IKA) Employers’ inventory
  • Grants management of Hellenic Manpower Employment Organization (OAED) programs
  • Preparation and submission of relevant statements to ERGANI (E3 announcement of recruitment, E4 staff list, E5 announcement of voluntary retirement, E6 expiration of recruitment contract, E7 Certification)
  • Employer declaration for fixed-term or project contracts, E8 Notification regarding overwork and overtime work, E9 Part-time and rotational work contract