Accounting – Tax Services

We undertake complete accounting monitoring of books and data for sole proprietorships or all types of corporations either at our office or at your business premises, as well as the preparation and submission of relevant documents, statements and V.A.T. returns to the pertinent Tax and administrative authorities, etc.

We provide responsible and feasible solutions to all your operational, tax, accounting and insurance problems and comprehensive information about the respective rights provided by the legislation. 

  • Incorporations, registrations, interruptions, amendements, conversions for G.P., L.P., P.C., Ltd., S.A..
  • Statutes’ and amendments’ drafting for G.P., L.P., P.C.
  • Updating and keeping B΄and C΄Category ledgers [single-entry book keeping and double entry book keeping according to Greek Code of Tax Transactions (KFAS)]
  • Depreciation calculation and inventory compilation
  • Submission of periodic VAT returns, VAT clearances, INTRASTAT returns, Payroll tax returns (FMY), statements and final declarations of employee remuneration, statements and final remuneration declaration for professional occupations, statements and final declarations Income from commercial operations.
  • Consolidated statements compilation for Customers – Suppliers
  • Cost books and construction projects
  • Prompt support for regular and emergency audits
  • Monthly business development monitoring
  • Tax and insurance clearance issuance
  • Personal Income Tax Returns
  • Income Tax Returns for Residents Abroad
  • Legal Entity Income Tax Returns
  • Tax Reform Statements
  • Capital Tax Returns (FAP/Property Tax – E9)
  • Lease Contracts Submission
  • Unified Property Ownership Tax (EN.F.IA.) Issuance
  • Personal Code Number (Kleidarithmos) issuance
  • Offshore company creation
  • Integration of Businesses in NSRF (ESPA) Programs

Labor Issues

Our office, having stark knowledge of labor legislation, as applicable, is able to provide comprehensive and responsible consultations and solutions for any type of labor issues (Payroll, job subsidy programs, pending issues, problems related to labor inspection, etc).

  • Updates on labor issues related to licenses, collective agreements and flexible employment contracts (part time, rotational)
  • Calculation and monitoring of payroll on top of gross earnings (insurance deductions, employee tax)
  • Compensation calculation
  • Printing of payroll statements, payment receipts, accounting articles for the entry of payroll in the accounting books.
  • Electronic submission of Analytic Periodic Declaration (A.P.D.)
  • Social Security Organization (IKA) Employers’ inventory
  • Grants management of Hellenic Manpower Employment Organization (OAED) programs
  • Preparation and submission of relevant statements to ERGANI (E3 announcement of recruitment, E4 staff list, E5 announcement of voluntary retirement, E6 expiration of recruitment contract, E7 Certification)
  • Employer declaration for fixed-term or project contracts, E8 Notification regarding overwork and overtime work, E9 Part-time and rotational work contract

Insurance Affairs

Our office cooperates with the most reliable insurance companies (Greek and European) to cover all risks (car insurance – life and health insurance – retirement plans, etc) according to your needs and mainly your financial capability.

  • Car insurance
  • Fire Insurance
  • Theft Insurance
  • Home Insurance
  • Hotel Insurance
  • Hull Insurance
  • Business Insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Flexible Retirement Plans
  • Investment Plans

Real Estate

Our office provides brokerage services (sales and investment properties) following transparent procedures with complete secrecy and reliability, along with experienced and reliable partners (legal practitioners – technicians – appraisers and contractors).

We undertake the integration of your real estate in development laws and NSRF (ESPA) programs.